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New Indulgence

Luxury Romance Kits (B2B & B2C)


We continue to provide full order fulfillment for New Indulgence. That includes, storage, receiving inventory, assembly (many SKUs), kitting, labeling, and shrink wrapping.


XM Works Inc.

Import and Export Management Company (B2B & B2C)

We continue to provide full order fulfillment for XM Works, Inc. That includes: Storage, receiving inventory, refurbishing units, shipping, and FBA.

Marketing Instincts | Controller Gear

Branded Merchandise & Corporate Branding (B2B, B2C)

We've assisted with large projects for very large and well known corporations. Some of these projects include corporate sponsored events and meetings. We've also worked with products that were new to market and off market that required NDAs.

We've provided: labeling, kitting, assembly, and fulfillment services.

Gate 5 Capital, LLC (G5C)

Acquisition of high volume retail returns (B2C)

We've provided our fulfillment service which included: receiving and storage of pallets of return & overstock merchandise, processing items (sorting through items and taking multiple pictures and labeling with an identifier). We also accommodate local pickup requests from G5C's customers

August 1, 2018

To Whom It May Concern;

I take great pleasure in recommending Tran Fulfillment Services for assembly and fulfillment services. I worked with "Son" Tran beginning in 2012 when he worked at another assembly and fulfillment house. I had previously worked with that company starting in 2006, working directly with the owner, and I was very pleased with the services.

In October 2016 the owner that I worked with previously died. Mr. Tran left the company in 2017.  We began to experience problems with our assemblies and shipments and hoped that it would be a temporary issue given the change in management.  However, after 6 months of continued issues that were impacting the quality of the products and services we provide our customers, it was essential for us to consider other options.

After interviewing many companies, we came to the conclusion that our first choice would be to work with Tran Fulfillment Services since we had such success working with Mr. Tran previously.  We had our concerns about switching to Tran Fulfillment Services given that they were a startup company. However, after many conversations and due diligence on our part, we felt confident in moving forward. Any change is a risk but we felt this was the right decision for us.  

Since our transition, we are delighted to say that we have been experiencing the same high quality of service we had previously come to expect.   The communication and attention to detail is excellent.  Tran Fulfillment Services has put together a team that is dedicated to our success and treats our business as if it is their own. We finally feel we are back on track focusing on growing our business instead of fixing problems.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss our experience.   TFS might be a small company, but we have found them to be exceptional when it comes to delivering quality service.  

Best regards,

Candy Crain 


Former Director of Operations for New Indulgence

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