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We can work with all sorts of stores and sources of your sales (example: Amazon, EBay, Shopify, Walmart...)

We can offer just about any sort of labor needed for your fulfillment project.

Get in contact with us and we will let you know if we are the right fit for your project or business.

Pick & Pack | Order Fulfillment

From T-Shirts, mugs, finalized and packaged products, to misc. shapes... we have shipped all kinds of items. Our client base enjoys our same-day order processing.

From startups to corporations, B2B, B2C, FBA, and FBM, we can do it all.

Check out some of our project here.


Hand Assembly and Kitting

Does your product have parts and pieces (SKUs) that need to be put together before shipping? Let us price out the assembly work and give you back your time to focus on other aspects of your business.


Labeling and Heat Shrink-Wrapping

Can your time be better utilized than sitting there and applying labels/stickers? Let us take on the work on your behalf so you can focus on sales, marketing, and customer service. 

We also offer heat shrink-wrapping incase you want your product to have that visual edge on shelves or you need to create a set of items for FBA.


General Associated Labor

Perhaps you need a different type of labor that is associated with fulfillment. For example, you need us to sort through items and provide pictures that you can use in an auction. Give us a call/email and let us provide a quote for your business.


Amazon FBA / FBM, TikTok Shop

We can pack your orders in different quantities for FBA,

We can ship SAME DAY on your behalf through FBM.

We can connect to your Shopify store that is getting sales from TikTok Shop. 

Check out more of our possible store connections here.

Fast inventory receiving time and same day order fulfillment. 

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